Dec 18, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

To say we are extremely excited for Christmas this year is an understatement ... and to say Maya is getting spoiled rotten this year (by everyone) is also an understatement. :-)  We can't wait!
I love dressing Maya for the season!  I even found this Christmas sweater I wore as a baby!
I'm sure my sisters wore it too!
Picking out our Christmas Tree in the snow
We found the perfect tree for us!
Maya insisted on being right by her daddy while he set up the tree!
My side of the family had a "Ugly Sweater and Mustache Christmas party" - it was a hoot!  Maya didn't have an ugly sweater to wear, so we put her in this cute one -- but she rocked the mustache on her binky!
Ready for the party!
Brandon grew his own mustache, I had to improvise!  And my ugly sweater had flashing lights!
The tree is up and lights are on!  And (again) I love putting Maya in a few of my old clothes!
Maya loves to play by the tree (with the cat always watching). 
Checking out her very own nativity. 
Not too sure about Santa - but no tears either!  What a girl!

Merry Christmas!