Dec 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We hope you had the best Christmas!

Our fun started on Christmas Eve!  We had some shopping to finish up at the mall, so we stopped off to say 'hi' to Santa while we were there!  Then that night we snuggled up in our warm house to open our traditional Christmas Eve presents.

This girl sure does love Santa!  Never been afraid.  
We open three presents on Christmas Eve: 1. Christmas Pajamas, 2. New books, 3. a Family Game.

Christmas was the best!  Maya got a fully-stocked kitchen!  She knew right what to do without us showing her too! 

Merry Christmas all!

Dec 21, 2014

Ready for Christmas!

We are so ready for Christmas to come!  We bought and decorated our tree, set up and have told and re-told the (short toddler version) of the Nativity, attended Christmas parties, talked to Santa, and have had fun shopping for the big day!  Yep - ready!!!
Looking for the perfect tree. 
We found just the right one -- ready to take it home!
All set up and we celebrated with a glass of sparkling apple cider.
Maya participated in her first live Natavity, and being the youngest she was cast
in the role of baby Jesus.  In true toddler fashion she wouldn't keep on her
swaddling clothes, got scared of the stuffed horse in the stable, and threw a fit
when it was time for a picture of  the finale.  This pic makes me giggle.
Maya got to see Santa - we thought she might be afraid (like most kids her
age) but she was excited and ran right up to him, and when it was her turn she
hopped right on his lap.  This girl knows where her bread is buttered! ;)

 Here is the virtual copy of our Christmas Card this year!  Merry Christmas to you!!
This is the front. 
and the back!
 Only a few more days - we can't wait!!!

Dec 3, 2014


We hope you had a fun-filled Thanksgiving!  Ours was the best!