Nov 29, 2012


Brandon had to change the headlight bulbs in his car tonight, so me, Diesel and Lucy went out to "help".

See me helping there at the bottom of the pic -- I'm holding the flashlight!

It started out as me helping ... but I wasn't much help.  So, helping turned into boredom, which turned into taking pictures with the animals.
Lucy did not enjoy the picture or the flash - so not impressed.
Diesel's head looks even more HUGE than normal being so close to the camera. LOL!


I can't tell you how much I LOVE this video! 
Brandon and I have such a high regard and sacred love for all birth mothers!
One day ...
One day a brave mother will make me a mom, Brandon a dad, and will make us a family - because we can't do it for ourselves! We love that brave mother already - the one we haven't even met yet! 
One day ... 
One day we will not only have a precious tiny one to take care of but we'll have a priceless relationship with an amazing mother. I dream of that day, almost every night and it feels so real sometimes. 
We're so ready and we know it will happen in due time. 
In due time - 
can't wait!

Nov 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great thanksgiving!  We had our feast at my (Rachael's) parent's house, and then went to my Gram's house for pie!  It was such a fun day to spend time with family!

I also brought all of the fixins to make 'Apple Turkeys' - the kids had so much fun making their own/unique turkey.

We hope you all had a wonderfully fun and filling Thanksgiving!

Nov 10, 2012


Look what we woke up to this morning!  I think this snow storm alone brought more snow than all of last year's winter combined!  Love it!
Brandon's car is buried!

And, look what Brandon brought me the other night!  What a sweet hubby ... I think I'll keep him! ;-)