May 25, 2012

Our Pets

I realized today that we have never done an 'official' post all about our cute pets!

She is such a beautiful cat!
Lucy is pretty quiet and likes to keep to herself but she often comes out to play with Maya on the stairs, or snuggle up by Rachael or Brandon's feet!  Lucy thinks she's in charge of the water in the bathroom - especially in the morning!  Every morning she begs for a drink from the tub, and whenever Rachael takes a bath, Lucy insists on being in the room and sitting on the side of the tub!  Lucy also thinks that if we bring home a paper or bag, then it's for her and we find her laying on (or in) whatever it is! She is so funny!

We used to have a BEAUTIFUL and friendly dog named Diesel - an English Mastiff (pictured with Lucy above).  We miss his sweet personality very much around our house - he and Lucy were quite the good buddies. :)

May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Rach!

I had the best birthday last week, and Brandon spoiled me, of course! I woke up to birthday music playing and the house all decorated!
Top: Me with the decorations, Left: birthday cake, Right: blowing out my BIG candle

After opening presents and crepes at IHOP, Brandon took me for a WHOLE DAY of shopping!! And ... I mean a whole day - Brandon took me anywhere I wanted to go; I was in heaven! And that night we grabbed some burgers and went to the drive-in! We saw 'What to Expect When You're Expecting". It was a cute movie, and of course, I cried like a baby over the adoption story in the movie. 

I took this pic while we were waiting for the movie to start and even though it's a little fuzzy, I love how it turned out ... can you see Brandon?

Anyway, best birthday ever!

May 7, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had such a blast this weekend!  Our nieces stayed with us and our nephews stayed with my mom so we got together a lot for some super fun times! My mom made my niece a mermaid tail - she was in heaven!  We took the kids to the splash pad, the girls took Diesel for a walk, we played the playstation, watched movies, and had the best time ever!  It was a great weekend!