Feb 25, 2013

Day on the town!

I love family time with my man!  Brandon planned a nice date for us this weekend ... I sure do love when he plans stuff for us to do!  I really should do more of the planning myself, but he's so good at it ... and we always have so much fun together!

First, to the movies!  We LOVE going to the movies!  I love getting movie popcorn too, and yes, I drown it in butter, LOL!  I also only eat a little bit too -- sometimes I think I'm going to eat more of it (like yesterday), so we got a medium, and after a few handfuls I'm done.  I feel bad throwing all of that extra away ... but it sure is good! ;-)

Then, to a late lunch at Red Lobster.  I haven't been there in a while! Good food, great company, and a fun time looking at the little lobsters in the tank too!

Feb 15, 2013

The Love Day

We hope you had a fun loving Valentine's Day!  

We had a great Valentine's day - which actually started the night before Valentine's with two fun visits!

Our first visitor was an anonymous one who left hearts on our door and goodies on our doorstep!  What a fun surprise!

Our second visitors were my cousin and his adorable girlfriend  (I set them up by-the-way)!  They brought us delicious cupcakes and we had a great visit!

Then, the LOVE DAY itself!  The night before I wait until Brandon hops in the shower and I get to work hiding treats and surprises with cheezy love notes around the house and in his car.
Some of Brandon's surprises - I love hearing him laugh as he finds each one in the morning.

And he sent me a dozen long stem roses and balloons!  So sweet!  He sure does spoil me, and I love every bit of it!

I've gotten to be quite the pro at bringing home a huge vase of flowers over the years, thanks to Brandon!
Me, my flowers, and yes holiday hair clips - my preschool kids love it. :-)
My valentine decorations - a "Love" sign I already had and my flowers!

Last year we started the tradition of making chocolate fondue on Valentine's Day - and I continued the tradition last night!  We wanted to start a fun tradition that we can carry on when we have kids some day!

Happy LOVE Day to you!  I hope you had a fun day!