Feb 17, 2012

Happy LOVE Day!

We sure do love Valentine's Day at our house!  It holds a special place in our hearts.  Our first Valentine's was spent apart.  We had just started dating and I was getting ready to take a girls trip to New York City, which would be during the week of Valentine's, so Brandon and I decided to celebrate early.  We exchanged little gifts and he bought me 2 dozen roses -- but the thing that made it so special for us is that it was the first time we expressed our love for each other.  So, there I was a few days later on Valentine's Day, standing on top of the Empire State Building ... thinking of the man I had just fallen head-over-heels in love with!  And he was home ... wating for me to get back.  That's what makes the holiday so special for us.

I never really know what to do for Brandon for THE LOVE DAY, but this year I got him some treats, wrote cheezy love notes on them, and left them in spots for him to find as he got ready for work that morning.

Brandon spoiled me rotten!  I got a dozen long stem roses delivered to me, some of my favorite treats and he bought 'Breaking Dawn' on DVD and said he'd watch it with me!  Wahoo!

We ordered out for pizza and for dessert I made yummy fondue!

What a great day!  Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!