May 12, 2018

Birthdays and Disneyland!

We decided to go big this year and celebrate both girl's birthdays at the happiest place on earth!  

In February, we celebrated Addy's FIRST birthday!

In April, we celebrated Maya's FIFTH birthday!

Adeline's Adoption Story

On February 6th we got a phone call from our adoption case worker that he had received a phone call from Maya's birth mom that she wanted to place her baby with us ... and her water just broke!  We were in shock!  We had known for a couple of months that she was pregnant, but didn't expect or think she would place her baby with us. It was a miraculous surprise! 

We flew out the next day to Detroit, Michigan!  All the while, we were in touch with Maya's birth grandma and birth sister!  They were keeping us posted on how things were going with Maya, and now the new baby girl's, birth mom!

Our adoption agent in Utah was able to help us find an agency in Michigan.  We met with them the next day and that night drove to meet this sweet baby girl for the first time!  We were just going to meet her, but when we pulled in, we got a call from the hospital social worker.  She asked us if we had a car seat, we told her we did and she said the baby was ready to leave the hospital and we could take her with us that night! What a wonderful surprise!  

There she was - this tiny perfect human. 6.7lbs, 17.9" long, full head of hair, calm, and beautiful!

It is quite a miraculous experience to look at her for the first time and the thought enters my mind, "Oh!  There you are!"  As I know I've said before, a recognition of knowing someone you've never met is an incredible experience!

Maya was asleep, so she got to meet her sister Adeline, at the hotel.  BIG sister!  She took right to it!!

We stayed in Mchigan for just under 8 weeks! While there, we were blessed to meet our daughters' birth grandma and birth sister!  What a wonderful experience!  We even got to meet the girls' birth mom, but I will save those pictures for our personal viewing. I don't know if we have her permission to post, so we will keep them as a sacred memento for our family. 

We sure do love being a family of four!  We are so blessed! I mean, just look at these two!

Oct 15, 2016

Disneyland - again!!

We went to Disneyland again a couple of weeks ago!  We feel so darn lucky to have gone a few times this year!
We went during Halloweentime - so awesome to see everything decorated!
We also went to Mickey's Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treating, such fun!
Happiest family at the Happiest Place on Earth!
Maya loved all of the rides in Cars Land
Our little beauty
Maya loves seeing all of the Disney Characters!
Maya's most favorite character this time was Chewbacca!
We couldn't believe Maya was tall enough to ride some of the
'big-kid rides' like Splash Mountain!  And, although her face may
say otherwise, she loved it and kept asking to go again!
Another favorite Disney Character of  Maya's right now is Baily
from 'Finding Dory'.  She was all about the Baily stuffed animal!
And it's not a Disney trip without a yummy churro!

 We don't know when our next Disney trip will be, but we sure have lived it up so far this year!

Jun 29, 2016

Summer! Summer!

Our favorite time of the year!  Let's do this!  
Our little backyard oasis at home!

With so many splash pads around, Maya is practically living in her swim suit!

Fun at the park!

Our new furry friends at Grandma and Grandpa's house!  

Best thing so far was swimming lessons! Of course Maya (our little fish) loved it!
She did so well, and couldn't wait for the day they got to jump off the diving board!