Jul 15, 2014

Summer Fun

Wow, what a fun summer we've had so far!
Time together is always the best!
Maya has had a lot of fun helping me and Grandma clean at the park. 
We've loved spending A LOT of time outside - sidewalk chalk coloring is the best! 
Maya is getting quite adventurous climbing everything in sight!
The splash pad is always a favorite spot to hang out!
Maya loves helping me weed the flower garden (and smell, and pick the flowers)
Rachae's brother and sister (and their families) came to visit from out of state, so we've
had a lot of FUN family time!
Independence day was a blast trying to find a good spot to watch fireworks. 
Checking out the carnival booths
All of the cousins enjoying Lagoon together!
We're only missing 2 nephews who are serving religious missions for our church. 
Maya is now big enough to ride the kiddy rides at Lagoon - she was so excited!

Jun 19, 2014

May - Hooray!

May is a pretty fun month!  Preschool ends for the summer for me and, even though I work part-time, it means I get to spend even MORE time being a mommy!

My (Rachael's) birthday also falls in May!  All I wanted for my birthday was a get-away with my cute little family!  So, Brandon got a hotel near Salt Lake City.  We shopped, slept-over, and played!  It was the best birthday ever!

Maya had her own bed!

Shopping with her daddy

This quiet night had me in heaven!  Sleeping babe next to us while we talk about our family and our future. 

Apr 6, 2014

Maya turns ONE!

Happy FIRST Birthday to our lovable, beautiful, fun, smart, silly, adorable, incredible Maya!

We can't believe our girl has turned ONE YEAR OLD already!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun! On her actual birthday, we decorated the house, sang to her, and let her [try to] blow out her first candle on a sweet roll for breakfast, and then we took Maya to the zoo!  She loved every minute of it and would hold her hand out beckoning the animals to come to her - it was so sweet!
After she woke up, we piled balloons in on her - she was in heaven!
Trying to figure out the candle - and a yummy breakfast!
Fun birthday at the zoo!

We had a family birthday party to celebrate the birthday's of Maya and her cousin!  It was a blast!  Maya got pretty spoiled, and she loved smashing into her own cake!
All dressed up and ready for the party!
Fun dinner - and spoiled with a lot of fun presents!
Maya dug right in to her smash cake!  With every bite she would say, "Mmmmm!"
What a wonderful ONE YEAR OLD!  We are so blessed to have our girl, and we are eternally grateful for her sweet birth mother!  Love you!

Mar 21, 2014

March Fun

Oh, we've had a great March!  We got to celebrate Brandon's birthday and St. Patrick's Day this month!
Happy Birthday to Daddy!  We decorated the house (favorite birthday tradition),
and that night Brandon and I went on a date: out to dinner and to see WWE.
On St. Patty's Day Eve, we made sure Maya was decked out in green
pajamas - so there was no way she could get pinched! :-)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We celebrated with a fun family party for our nieces birthday!

Last Sunday we went on a fun little family adventure to feed the ducks.  Maya LOVED it and kept trying to call the ducks to her with something that sounded a lot like "Come Here", Oh, so cute!

Happy March everyone!