Nov 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We sure had a fun Halloween this year!
Hope you did too!

I wasn't too good with the carving set.  I broke two of the little tools, so I waited patiently for Brandon to finish his pumpkin and then used the last good carving tool (I didn't brake that one, but I came close).

The night after we carved our pumpkins, we put them in front of our house ... so proud!  And that night they were stolen!  No ... just moved to a neighbors house - some pranksters moved everyone's pumpkins in our neighborhood.  Funny!

 I dressed up as a cat this year.  My preschool kids LOVED it and it was so fun to do!

The makeup was the most fun!  I love playing around with makeup, and I found an easy tutorial online how to do a cat face. Brandon never lets me try makeup stuff on him though ... go figure ... he might end up looking like a cute, cuddly kitten! ;-)