Sep 23, 2012

3 Years Baby!

Last week Brandon and I celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary!  It's crazy to believe we've been married only three years, because it feels like we've known each other forever!  I sure do love this man!

The day of our actual anniversary, Brandon gave me a dozen gorgeous roses, and that night we went out to eat!

And this weekend, we went to Salt Lake!  My favorite place to shop and hang out!  I'm so happy [lucky] to have Brandon!

Sep 14, 2012

What becomes of the brokenhearted ...

Do you remember that song?
"What becomes of the brokenhearted" by Jimmy Ruffin.
I know, I'm taking you back.

That song has been running through my mind a lot lately.  A lot.  I think it's because the song itself used to seem silly to me (kind of oxymoron-ish) because the lyrics are so sad but the music itself just doesn't sound sad (in my opinion); it almost has a happy sound with such sad lyrics.  I guess that oxymoron of a happy kind of sad has resonated with me lately.

Brandon and I recently experienced a loss - a failed opportunity.  Our first of how ever many in our process of adoption.  It was a heart-wrenching loss.  We had started to imagine this sweet baby in our arms, in our home, in our life, and it felt so good, so right ... but it wasn't meant to be.  We had to mourn the loss.  I'm still there at times, heartbroken.

However, with the loss, we experienced such amazing support and listening ears from family and encouraging words from the few others who knew, and awesome help from our case worker.  We have felt such a love and support from each other and have grown stronger and closer together.  We have felt the comforting spirit from our Heavenly Father gently comforting our hearts and reminding us that this is not the end.  Sometimes we taste the bitter to know the sweet; we will know the sweet more fully someday, and we already have a pretty sweet life together as it is!

I guess you could say we experienced (sometimes we are still experiencing) the sad lyrics with a happy tune, and that's ok.
Thanks Jimmy Ruffin. ;-)