Sep 23, 2015

The Big SIX

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!

We celebrated as a family with a little get-away just outside of Salt Lake City - we love a fun hotel stay!  The hotel even upgraded us to a suite because we were celebrating!
Our suite!  So fun and so big!
Ready to go to the pool!
Our little fishy. 
While in Salt Lake we went to the zoo! Our favorite!

The zoo also had a lot of dinosaurs to learn about too!
She was hiding behind the pole so the T-Rex wouldn't see her. ;)

The best part of the whole weekend was being together, of course!

Aug 24, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Oh, what a fun summer we've had!  It's been jam-packed full of good times!  We started the summer off by saying 'bye-bye to the binky's'.  One day they all just ended up broken.  Maya did so well with it, if she saw a 'broken' (cut) binky we encouraged her to throw it in the garbage.  She really seemed to understand that the binkys were broken and we didn't have too much trouble.  Whenever she asked where it was we reminded her it was 'broken' and she just went on with whatever she was doing.

We also spent a fun day at Lagoon with family!

More summer fun included: 
Above left to right: watching parades, bye-bye binky, swimming with cousins, potty-training, Maya's best cousins she asks about every day, nickle arcade, drive-in movie, bowling, our nephew's wedding. 

Yep, you read one of those right - Maya is potty training!  Maya was more ready to start than I was so we figured it was time to start. :)  She was already going potty in the morning, and getting out of the bath-tub to potty, plus she liked wearing panties so we went for it.  She is doing so well and has a rare accident here and there.  What a girl!

Apr 9, 2015

Guess Who turned 2!

Happy Birthday to our girl!  We can't believe she's 2 years old already!

I guess time flies when you're having fun!  Maya is growing fast!  She loves all things Disney, loves to be outside, seems to love the color blue (calls every color 'blue'), enjoys reading, playing in her kitchen, is a serious thinker, still is attached to her stuffed puppy Diesel (and her binky), loves to tease, has the best laugh, and she is very thoughtful.

On her birthday we took her to the Aquarium.  She loved every minute of it!  

Then that Sunday we celebrated Easter, her birthday, and her cousin's birthday with the family! Birthday cake, presents, and the best Easter Hunt from Grandma!

We hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend!

Mar 5, 2015

Where did February go?

February was a flash!  I can't believe it's March and almost time to celebrate  Brandon's birthday!  We had a fun Valentine's Day!  We took played around the house, and then took a drive to get a delicious Chicago pizza (YUM!), then back home for bath time for the babe, and a movie night!

Jan 13, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's January already?  I can't believe it!  We wish you the happiest New Year!  We brought in the new year quietly - ordered take out, Maya was asleep by 10:00pm, and we were in bed just after midnight.  But we sure had fun up until we all got sleepy! ;)

Here's a fun little review of our year that I did on instagram - I just took a favorite pic from each month last year (it was hard to pic just one from each month!