May 21, 2013

Time to Celebrate!

Now that we're home and happy it's time to Celebrate!  The celebrating started with showers for our sweet baby Maya!  We had a friend shower, a family shower, a work shower and many presents from excited family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors in between!
top left: special present from Grandma Shelia and Auntie Sky-lar in Missouri
Bottom Right: pick with special blanket from Grandma Great Maxine

Our baby girl got pretty spoiled!
And that's not even all of it!  You wouldn't believe how much my family keeps giving too!

And then came Mother's Day!  I'm so excited to celebrate this special day thanks to our sweet baby girl!

For Mother's day Brandon gave me some gorgeous roses and took me on a hot date the night before!

Last, but not least, my birthday!  All this last year I would always say how I did not want to turn 37 and still not be a mom - well, I got to be a mom just before the big day ... how lucky am I?  It was a pretty special weekend!  Brandon got me some gorgeous roses and took me shopping, and we had a big celebration on Sunday with family!
My sis made my all-time favorite cake - yum!