May 8, 2013


We were so excited when we got word we could come home - as a family - with our beautiful baby girl Maya!  We got right online and purchased our plane tickets.  Even though we loved our time as our small family unit in Michigan, the time to get home just couldn't come fast enough when we got the word!  We had a layover in Denver and Maya slept the entire time on both flights - what a good girl!

We flew in late Saturday night (actually arrived early Sunday morning).  Then we spent the day Sunday with our family!  It feels so good to watch other's adore our baby girl - one of the best feelings in the world if you ask me! By the way, "Grape" (Grandma Great Maxine) got the first genuine smile!

Her pets love her too - they're very gentle and curious!

Maya is so loved and we are so blessed!