Jul 7, 2012


On the 4th of July, Brandon and I thought we had figured out the best spot to watch fireworks - at the lake!  "Wouldn't that be awesome?" we thought... but we were wrong, very wrong!  I think that Brandon will ever lovingly refer to it as 'mosquito swamp' from now on!  We (me, Brandon, my parents, sister and her kids) only lasted about 5 minutes before the full can of bug spray was about empty - it didn't even phase the little buggers!  We went back to my parents' house and watched from a distance, no bugs, nice!
Love this one! Glad I could zoom in a bit on my camera!
It looks like a giant sparkler!
The group that ended up outside at my parents' house (Brandon and Dad stayed inside).
 Hope you had a happy (and safe) 4th of July!