Jul 18, 2012

Family Time

Brandon took Friday off so we could spend the whole day together out and about doing whatever we darn-well wanted!  I love our family time together!

We went to see 'The Amazing Spiderman' movie ... in 3-D nonetheless!!!  I've never been much of a big fan of the superhero movies, but I enjoy seeing one when they're new out and Brandon can explain what I don't get.  There wasn't much to explain in this one because it's a re-boot - an actual term I learned from Brandon a few months back that we argued over because I thought he made the word up to explain that a movie was a re-make ... apparently there's a big difference people - big difference!  I conceded after googling it and calling my brother to confirm.  "TheGoogle" doesn't know everything does it?

We spent the rest of the day walking through just about any/and every store I wanted to.  I love that about Brandon - even though he doesn't much like shopping, he knows I LOVE it and is willing to wander through my favorites with me without one ounce of complaint!  Then sushi for dinner, Yum-o-licous!

It was a great night!  Have I mentioned how much I love our family time together?!? Sure do!

Oh!  By the way, I had to share these pics!  My nieces came over for a sleep-over last night and we brought some fishy-friends over for a sleep-over in Diesel's swimming pool too!  Diesel was so curious (the fish were quite big)!  I think at one point he was trying to figure out how to "play" with them like he does with his cat by pouncing at them - it was hilarious!

After a bit he was content to just watch them swim.  I think he thought he had a few new pets to keep!
Happy Summer!