Jun 29, 2016

February Disneyland Trip

In February we took a fun-filled family vacation to our favorite place -- Disneyland! We spent 10 days visiting the Happiest Place on Earth!  The weather was perfect and we had such an exciting time, it was difficult to come home!
One of our favorite spots for a pic in California Adventure!
Maya's favorite ride is close by in this pic, The Little Mermaid ride!

This picture!  Isn't it the best?  Brandon captured it just before The World of Color.
We love it so much we printed a large copy and Brandon has it hanging in his office at work!

I had so much fun dressing Maya in casual clothing inspired by Disney Princesses!
Maya wanted to dress as Princess Jasmine for the princess lunch at Ariel's Grotto.
It was so cute to watch her when a princess would come out, Maya would become
this little star-struck nervous eater.  She was in heaven, which made us so happy!

Characters! Characters! Characters!  This trip had a lot to do with meeting characters!