Jul 15, 2014

Summer Fun

Wow, what a fun summer we've had so far!
Time together is always the best!
Maya has had a lot of fun helping me and Grandma clean at the park. 
We've loved spending A LOT of time outside - sidewalk chalk coloring is the best! 
Maya is getting quite adventurous climbing everything in sight!
The splash pad is always a favorite spot to hang out!
Maya loves helping me weed the flower garden (and smell, and pick the flowers)
Rachae's brother and sister (and their families) came to visit from out of state, so we've
had a lot of FUN family time!
Independence day was a blast trying to find a good spot to watch fireworks. 
Checking out the carnival booths
All of the cousins enjoying Lagoon together!
We're only missing 2 nephews who are serving religious missions for our church. 
Maya is now big enough to ride the kiddy rides at Lagoon - she was so excited!