Feb 21, 2014


Oh, we've had fun since the new year!  It's gone by too quickly for our liking, but we're sure enjoying ourselves and our BEAUTIFUL girl!  Life can't get any better than this!
9 month check-up in January - Dr. reports that she's "Perfect, as always."
Maya and Lucy - best friends. 
Maya has 8 teeth - they all decided to come at once, it seems!
This girl is ALWAYS on her feet!  She walked before she crawled!
She took her very first steps on January 1st - great way to start the year!
She cruises furniture and walks short distances between furniture and people!
Did I mention that she's unstoppable?  Her and the cat love climbing the stairs together!
See the video below.

Our little Valentine enjoyed her first Valentine's Day!
She even got her very first rose -- from her daddy. 
Here she is with most of her Valentine loot!

And for your viewing pleasure - a little "I love you!"