Sep 7, 2013

Maya is 5 months old!

Can you believe this?!?  How can our tiny babe already be 5 months old?  Time is flying by!

Here's a little of what we've been up to ... and a little of what we've got planned! ;-)
1. Maya started eating cereal at 4 months (loves it) and baby food at 5 months (LOVES it)!  2. She has the BEST personality - super fun, loves to smile and is very easy going.  3. Doing well at tummy-time, has rolled over a bunch from her tummy to her back and prefers to sit straight up rather than leaning back.  4. Smiles all the time and sleeps 9-10 hours/night! -- she is one happy babe.  5. Maya's favorite part of the day is bath time!  6. Can't get enough of play time - not only is she cute, she's strong too!  
We really can't get enough of our sweet girl - our life has changed in the most amazing way with her!
I'm back to work part-time so Maya gets to spend a couple of days with two of her favorite people - Gram and Aunt Nan!

Maya got a special phone call to let her know some future plans for our little family (see the video below)!

We are so excited - we can't wait to show her the happiest place on earth!