Apr 21, 2013

Lazy Family Sunday

Yes, we're still in Michigan (probably for another week)!  We're having a lazy Sunday today with our little family and it feels so good! I've been getting some much needed laundry done and I love seeing these little girl clothes in our laundry basket!

It's been a week and a few days here in Michigan as our little family of three and we are still in heaven!  We've spent much of our time on the phone/texting with family, snuggling, and a lot of fun in our quiet moments learning how to be mom and dad.  I wonder if I'll ever stop get all teary-eyed looking at our little girl -- especially in those peaceful moments when I glance over to see my pretty amazing husband holding our daughter!  Ours!
It's been nice having all of the extra cuddle time with our little princess!

Maya lost her umbilical cord yesterday (can't bring myself to throw it away just yet)  so she had her first "official" bath last night of actually getting her tiny little body in the water (rather than sponge baths) and she loved it!  She stayed wide-eyed, calm and quiet the whole time!  We caught this sweet pic right after the bath!

Brandon snuck this little pic of her the other night before bed ... I do believe it's perfect!

I caught this one today - she makes this face a lot when she is first waking up.

And ... I quite often can't stop singing the primary song:
I love daddy, he loves me,
We love Maya yes-sir-ee,
She loves us and so you see,
We are a happy family!

Yep!  Happy!  We hope you have yourself a happy Sunday!