Dec 11, 2012

Holiday Fun

Christmas is only 2 weeks away! I am so excited!
The weekend after Thanksgiving we went out and bought our Christmas Tree!

The stump is a little crooked so we had a time of it putting the sucker up but it's a beauty!
Enjoying a little sparkling cider after decorating the tree

Our cat has taken up residence under it, especially when it's lit up. I think it's so cute that she likes it that I can't bring myself to put any presents where she likes to sit so they've started to pile up around her.

Our family got together to make gingerbread houses too! Our nieces and nephews do the best job at making their houses so cute and sweet! This is a favorite tradition of mine!

Merry Christmas all! 

p.s. Don't tell Brandon I put this picture on here - I'm sure he'll hate how I fancied it up (especially with a crown on him). LOL!