Jun 14, 2011

Married Life ...

I can't believe Brandon and I have been married for 1 year and 9 months! Time has flown by!

I love being married!
I love being a wife!

Yes, it can be TrIcKy to combine two lives of two people who are so different ... but never too tricky. 
We're so different ... and I really like it that we are!  

He loves scary movies and I love romance.
He his quiet and I'm a social butterfly!

He likes savory, and I like sweet.
The candy table at our wedding

However ... having said that, we have found a lot of things we have in common.
We love the Gospel ... it is in every part of our lives!
We have a deep love for the temple.

We love getting out and going places together!
We love going to movies together!
We love laughing together, and I love that I get to see this hilarious side of my hubby that not many other people get to see.

We love going for drives together.
We love talking together.

One of my favorite things is laying in bed at night and I say, "Tell me a story babe."
He says, "What do you want to hear?"
And I reply with, "Tell me a story about ..." (I request anything from a childhood story, first fight, first kiss, favorite anything, etc.)
And boy-oh-boy he's got some doosies! Some of them make me cry from laughing so hard.
I love his stories!

Sure do love being married ... and being married to the most perfect man doesn't hurt either!